BOB WRENCH PLUMBING is one of our longest serving partners and most successful installers. The family run business have been supplying North Brisbane and the Moreton Shire area for over 7 years with hot water, bathroom renovations and general maintenance. However, their experience and knowledge spans over a 20 year period so there is nothing Bob and his son haven’t seen. This experience brings with it a wealth of knowledge and a level of honesty and realism about the products not every plumber can offer.

They specialise in Solar Hot Water, with specific attention dedicated to heat pumps, as they are strong believers in the benefits energy efficient products bring to the owner. Being one of our most successful installers across Brisbane, their work is of the highest quality and they are able to breakdown the costs, savings and performance of the Hydrotherm so you have complete understanding of what you are looking at.

Bob and his Son pride themselves on delivering an honest and efficient service, identifying the best possible solution for you, no pressure, and no hard sell. You’ll receive all the information and then make a decision that best suits you.

If you’d like to hear from Bob with regards to your hot water system or any plumbing issue please feel free to contact him on 0404 842 541 or contact us on 1300 769 904.

Key areas that BOB WRENCH Plumbing covers are: 4032, 4034, 4035, 4037, 4053

By Simon Baird

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