The Equipment Energy Efficiency Body (EEE) recently released the E3 Heat Pump Product Profile, testing the heat pumps to potentially begin generating minimum energy performance specifications (MEPS).


The EEE are responsible for applying Energy Star ratings and MEPS programs to energy consuming products across Australia. They have recently put a number of different Heat pumps through an array of tests to generate a Heat Pump Water Heater product profile. A product profile is usually the first step towards drafting Minimum Energy Performance Specifications (MEPS) for a product group. MEPS are similar to an Australian Standard; however they focus on energy efficiency, rather than product safety or construction.

The product profile went further than just examining ways to increase energy efficiency of heat pumps sold in Australia. They also looked at other product features, such as noise levels, heat up times and durability. Collecting this data can be the catalyst for future standards for the products as a whole. It is great to see organizations such as E3 beginning to examine Heat Pump Water heaters as it shows the growth of the technology into a mature and sustainable market. Aquatech welcomes any further initiatives that aim to increase the quality of Heat Pumps sold in Australia, which will benefit consumers and manufactures a like.

The original report can be found at: Heat pump water heater product profile

Following the release of the report, E3 held a public consultation period, where industry participants were encouraged to contribute feedback on 14 Key Questions. Over the coming weeks, we will be posting our responses to these questions in individual Blogs. These blogs will examine the questions posed and how they relate to both the HydroTherm Heat Pump product range and the industry as a whole.

By Simon Baird

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