Frequently Asked Questions – Part 3

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q- Hi, do these work efficiently in southern Victoria?

A- Based on the Clean Energy Regulator assessment of our systems performance from independent labs. The heat pump should be around 65% more efficient then an electric hot water system over the whole year. The main issue with colder temperature climates in winter is the heat up time of the tank. The COP or performance does drop but they are still much more efficient then electrics. Even at say 5C temperatures the COP is above 3. What we suggest in colder climates is to go with the larger Dynamic system and run it only during the day using the inbuilt timers. This will increase performance and reduce heat up times as the temperatures are warmer compared to overnight.To give some reassurance both our models are class A rated which means they can produce enough hot water in Tassie in the middle of winter to meet a medium load (quite high around 70% of homes are medium or smaller loads) without electric boosters.

Q- How do I log a warranty call out?

A- We have a service request form but I am happy to take your details and assist you now

Q- how do you guarantee heat pump hws is cheaper to run than an elec hws?

A- The systems efficiency or COP has been certified and assigned by independent laboratories.. That is why they qualify for Stc credits Q- I can’t get my postcode to come up on the quote page 6721 A- We currently do not sell systems into this area as we are focusing our efforts in South East Queensland due to high demand levels.

Q- Can any licensed plumber install the volt system?

A- Hi in Queensland the plumber must also hold a Solar Accreditation which the majority of hot water installers have. This is a two day course the plumbers do to get up to speed on Solar and heat pump water heaters.
 We have done a blog on what is involved in installing a hot water system in Queensland

By – Simon Baird

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