Frequently Asked Questions – Part 5

Answers too commonly asked questions.

Q- What is it the Volt system,tank + heat pump, made of?

A- The tank is 2mm stainless steel the other components are various materials.

Q- Are they australian made?

A- No the systems are made in China with our manufacturing partner under our design licenses. The specific models we sell here took three years to design develop and test, so that they would meet the strict specifications required for Australian standards.

Q- Does it plug into a normal 10amp power point.

A- The system needs to be hard wired into a junction box according to energex compliance. It can run off a 10amp circuit but only for a limited timeframe.

Q- Hi I am going to move into a new house and we are very interested to use the Hydrotherm 270L system. We have a family member of 6. There may 4 consecutive showers btw 6-8pm. We also have a 5kw PV install. Here are my questions. Would that 270L system capable for us? Could it run in a higher temp say 65-70c in order to produce more hot water? Which Tariff should we use to maximize $ for our energy cost? Thank you so much! Philip


A- Okay on tariffs If the 5Kw solar is on a low feedin rate then you want to consume as much of the energy it is producing during the day.To do this you will want to put the system on Tariff 11 and then set timers so that it runs only during daytime hours when the P.V is producing power. The Dynamic will easily handle 4 long consecutive showers, you can turn the heat up to 65C which may help if necessary however I am pretty confident that you would have no issues running a family of 6 on the Dynamic with only daytime heat up. Exact same install as an electric hot water system with regards to valves etc.

By – Simon Baird

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