Frequently Asked Questions – Part 8

Answers to commonly asked questions.

Q- What is a projected cost to run the volt for the average family for 3 months.

 A- How many people in the family? What electricity tariff. Allow .5kwh per day per person at 18c on a tariff 33 connection will be a fair estimate in Queensland so if you say 4 people then it would be around 35c per day this would vary from 20c in summer to say 45c in winter as the usage is greater at different times of the year in comparison you should allow for 2-3kwh per person if you are using an electric hot water system.

 Q- We are fitting out a 21 x 6 m shed with a shower, toilet and sink. This will be a work area and expect only two showers per day and one small sink wash up per day. No washing machine. I seek any further advice as to the size I would need. I see from my filling in the calculator that a Hydro Therm VOLT should be ok.

A- The Volt model will easily handle your requirements.

Q- Does the online price includes installations?

A- No the price is for the system supplied only.

Q- Are these units gas or electric?

A- The system is a heat pump it is connected to an electrical supply and uses a refrigerant system to heat the water much more efficiently then a standard electric water heater.

Q- Can the Hydrotherm units replace an existing Saxon 260lt 3.6kw electric storage?

A- Yes there should be no problems regarding the power supply or size of the current system.

Q- What goes on roof?

A- Nothing is required for the roof the system absorbs heat from the surrounding air not through panels.

Q- What powers the heat pump?

A- The system runs off a standard electrical power supply and draws down 800w when running and produces around 4000w of heat into the tank. This is the same technology found in your fridge or air conditioner at home but in reverse.

Q- What model is suitable for 4 bedroom house? The kitchen is far away from the bath. I consider to install a small one or instant hot water in the kitchen. Would you give me your advice?

A- Customers in long homes are tending to go this way, i.e two of the Volt Models vs one dynamic. You will still be eligible for STC on both systems so the price would be either $1600 for two volts or $1195 for one dynamic. It is worth discussing with your plumber to see their take on which is the best option as well as what additional expenses would be involved in installing two units.

By – Simon Baird 

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