Frequently Asked Questions – Part 9

Answers to commonly asked questions.

Q- I would like to know if the Hydrotherm Hot Water system can be integrated with a Solar Hot water system?

A- It would not really be of any benefit here in Queensland in colder climate their maybe a small additional saving. It is technically possible here is a plumber who I know has done it at his own place i.e left the old solar thermosyphon on the roof and fed it into the Hydrotherm Steve- 0418 759 551. However The issue is ensuring that the water entering the Hydrotherm does not go above 60C as this is it’s operating range for warranty etc.

Q- How does this system stack up near the coast, we would be replacing a dual element electric heater that in an enclosed room 2*2mts under a stairwell but 500mts from the beach.

A- The system is fine near the beach as far as the stainless steel outer shell goes, it may get a bit of “tea stain” effect overtime which is common for any metal near costal regions, everything else should be no problem. The system works by removing heat from the surrounding air, for the volt model the minimum sized room is 13M3 or about a walk – in wardrobe for the Dynamic you would need a single size garage, so unfortunately it won’t be suitable in this application.

Q- Are they noisy?

A- The sound level is similar to a split air conditioner. We have very few customers mention noise, the systems can also be put on to timers so they do not run late at night when noise issues would be a concern.

Q- Is this system located external or internal?

A- The systems are primarily design for external install but can go inside as long as the room is say bigger then a walk in wardrobe.

Q- What are the physical dimensions and do they sit outdoors or inside? Are they direct wired or plugged into a gpo and what is the cost to purchase.

A- The units are primarily designed for outdoor installation but can go inside if the area is big enough say a single garage size. They are supplied with a plug so that you can get hot water while organizing an electrician. Water heaters have to be permanently hardwired in Australia, so the Electrician removes the plug and creates a junction box to wire into from the old power supply. The physical dimensions depend on which model you are looking at the specification sheets are available for download

Q- I am in the market for a heat pump, I am not sure what type (brand) i should be buying without the sales product push.

A- No problem basically with Hydrotherm our focus is on affordability the majority of our customers would have purchased a gas or electric water heater but have choose to go with our heat pump because they where very cost competitive. Having said that we also make high quality products using only stainless steel tanks and panasonic compressors etc. The reason for our pricing structure is that we focus on driving the market in sales numbers i.e 20-30 a week not selling a high priced product and only do 1-2 week.

Q- I can’t find any info regarding airflow through the system. My current HWS is under an old Queenslander verandah and it would make sense to put a Hydro therm there, except there isn’t a lot of airflow there.

A- That’s no issue this systems are installed in this configuration regularly. If you are concerned you can take a photo of the area and send it through to myself

Q- Have both models got timers?

A- Yes both systems have the same functionality the main difference being the storage capacity.

By – Simon Baird 

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