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The Hydrotherm is one of Australia’s most efficient hot water systems, using 70% less energy than traditional electric water heaters or an average saving of $600 a year.

Our calculator provides a quick and easy way, to estimate the annual savings you could expect, when making the switch to a Hydrotherm. These savings are based on the type hot water system you will be replacing and the number of residents in your home.

Select the Hot Water System type, and then move the slider to the number of household residents to estimate your savings.

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Over 2,500 homes have installed a Hydrotherm

  • "Being a plumber I have access to every type of hot water system and the Hydrotherm is the one I chose to install in my own home because no other system came even close."
    Rob Brouwers, Master Plumber
  • "We were using 12 bottles of gas a year running our water heater and stove. Since installing the Hydrotherm four months ago, we still haven’t gone through one bottle"
    Peter, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Four
  • "Just wanted to let you know, got my first electricity bill and very happy. Last quarter our electric system used 737Kwh or $147, this quarter our Hydrotherm used 136Kwh or $26"
    Rachelle, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Five
  • “I have been monitoring our Hydrotherm over the last year and our total hot water bill for was less then $115. Very happy with how little energy it is using even in winter”
    Bill, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Four
  • "Our plumber said we should replace our broken electric hot water system with a Hydrotherm and I am glad we did. We saved $140 in just one electricity bill"
    Lucien, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Six
  • "After 20 years of installing hot water, I can honestly say the Hydrotherm is the most innovative and affordable system available. All my customers want is a Hydrotherm"
    Bob Wrench, Master Plumber

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Having your your new Hydrotherm installed is easy, with our network of Partner Plumbers, each one selected for their high quality of work and commitment to affordable pricing.

All plumbers listed in your area, will gladly provide you with an independent quote for the installation of your Hydrotherm.

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