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How do heat pumps work?

Hydrotherm, like all heat pumps, work effectively like an reverse air conditioner. The technology has actually been around in one form or another for over 100 years!  The process is as follows:


  1. The heat pump fan pulls hot air (ambient energy) from the surrounding atmosphere into the machine and across the evaporator.
  2. The Ambient Air Energy is absorbed from the atmosphere by the refrigerant stored inside the evaporator coils.
  3. The refrigerant goes through a state of change from a liquid to a gas. The gas is then charged and sent to the Panasonic compressor.
  4. The gas refrigerant is then compressed to extremely high pressures, generating dramatic increases in heat.
  5. The super heated refrigerant gas travels down our patented double coil heat exchange and into the storage tank.
  6. Heat is transferred from the exchanger into the cold water.
  7. The cycle continues until all the water in the storage tank reaches an average 60°C degrees ready for use.
  8. The refrigerant having transferred it’s heat returns to a liquid state and is pumped back to the evaporator ready to begin the cycle again.
  9. The heated water rises in the tank and is now ready for use.
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