Hydrotherm Heat Pump Reviews

While don’t just take our word for it, why not read some of the reviews written by current Hydrotherm owners and find out why they believe purchasing a Hydrotherm was the right choice. These reviews and testimonials are a great source of unbiassed information, providing a testament to why we believe a Hydrotherm is the best heat pump hot water system available today.

“When the old electric water tank burst, my plumber suggested a Hydrotherm heat pump. I couldn’t be happier with the switch, the system works great, plenty of hot water and, I saved $140 on my first electricity bill.”

(Dynamic Owner Gold Coast)

“After twenty years of installing hot water, I can honestly say the Hydrotherm hot water system is the most innovative and affordable system available. Now I don’t even bother quoting others as all my customers want a Hydrotherm.”

Bob Wrench
(Master Plumber)

“When the plumber said we needed a new hot water system, I figured it was a great time to upgrade. The amazing part was we got a Hydrotherm hot water system for the same price as replacing with another electric water heater. These things should sell like hot cakes.”

(Volt Owner Brisbane)

‘We love the timer function on the Hydrotherm heat pump, it allows us to run the unit in the middle of the when it’s most efficient. The system is so efficient sometimes it only turns on every second day, and we have never run out of hot water.”

Albert & Doreen
(Dynamic Owners Brisbane)

“Just thought I’d let you know that I got my first electricity bill and am very happy with how the heat pump is performing 🙂 Last August Quarter we used 737Kwh of energy at a cost of $101.63. The same time this year with a Hydrotherm heat pump we only used 136Kwh at $24.20”

(Volt Owner Logan)

“Being a plumber, I have access to every make of hot water system available. I choose to install a Hydrotherm hot water system at my own home because no other system came even close. Value for money, looks and performance, I couldn’t go past a Hydrotherm.”

Rob Brouwers
(Master Plumber)

“I have been monitoring the power consumption of my Hydrotherm heat pump since it was installed in April 2012 and have attached a spreadsheet that you may find of interest. We have used just 653Kwh of energy for our hot water over the whole year.”

(Dynamic Owner Kenmore)

“I couldn’t be happy with my decision to go with a Hydrotherm heat pump, the system looks great and the services was excellent. It’s early days but I am confident that the savings will be everything that has been promised. On a side note Gary from Bare Necessities did an excellent job on installing the Hydrotherm.”

(Dynamic Owner Ferny Hills)

“The stainless steel tank and Panasonic compressor were such major points of difference for us. We just knew that such a well made system was going to last. It really gave us confidence in our purchase.”

(Volt Owner Palm Beach)

“We were using over 12 bottles of LPG gas a year for running our water heater and stove. Since we installed the Hydrotherm hot water system four months ago, we haven’t even managed to go through a single bottle.”

(Dynamic Owner Strathpine)

By Simon Baird

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