Hydrotherm heat pumps can help beat rising electricity costs

The rising electricity costs are all over the news at the moment, but how much have the costs gone up and what will it cost you. This short article identifies the rising costs and lays them out in simple terms, just so you can see what you will be dealing with come the first of July.

I’m sure you have all heard by now that electricity prices are rising once again from the 1st July 2013. On average the increase will be by 22%, which equates to over $200 a year for the average Queensland home. This news along with confirmation by Newman Campbell that there will be no rebates or aids to help soften the blow means many people are going to be doing things tough. This latest announcement has not come as a shock to many, as over the past 5 years electricity price have been steadily rising and have increased by over 100%. Looking back at these figures we can see just how much an annual electricity bill has increased. Back in 2008/09 an average house hold using 200L of hot water a day on tariff 33 would be expecting a hot water bill of $293 at $8.89 a kwh excluding GST. In 2013/2014 without changing the hot water system or tariff and using exactly the same quantity of hot water the bill would come to $595. This bill has doubled and is a cause for concern for many families out there doing it tough.

Electricity Prices from 2008 – 2013

          2008   2009    2010    2011   2012    2013

11      14.81  17.13   19.41   20.69  20.69   26.73

33      8.89    10.29   11.66   12.43  15.595  18.052

31      6.04     6.99     7.92     8.44    11.009  12.37

Table: excludes GST & connection charge

These increases have been implemented over the past 5 years, with reasons such as grid maintenance and network expansion, installation of solar and the reduced demands for electricity. These increases have been affecting homes, businesses and everyone who uses electricity. The table above shows the price increases for the past 5 years for all 3 Queensland tariffs. These increases are dramatic and that is why people are seriously thinking about their electricity usage and how they can best reduce it.

From the smallest of adjustments such as ensuring all lights are switched off and replaced with energy efficient bulbs, to full scale solar installations on the roof. There are many ways to make a difference and one of the most efficient ways to save on electricity is by changing your hot water system.

Your typical electric hot water system accounts for up to 30% of your annual electricity bill. Therefore it is an area you can make dramatic savings. Hybrid hot water units can save you up to 70% off this electricity usage. The Hydrotherm range has been designed to use the Queensland climate to its advantage. However, the main point is that these units are directly competitive with electric hot water systems in regards the up front costs.

This change can be the difference between crippling electricity costs and comfortable living. Have a look at hybridhotwater.com.au and see just how much you could save. #JOINtheREVOLUTION

By Simon Baird 

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