Installing a Hydrotherm can protect you from sky rocketing electricity prices.

Electricity prices set to rise again, causing more concern for Australian households. These increase continue to highlight significant issues across QLD and Australia with regards energy prices and consumption. Strategies need to be put in place and complete solutions are vital for the future of Australian homes.

‘Queenslanders facing $400 a year power bill increase’

(Furler, M, The Chronicle – 22/02/2013)

On February 22nd 2013, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) published a press release regarding the electricity prices projected for 2013/14. The forecast wasn’t favourable for Australian households, with all domestic tariffs looking at a minimum of a 15% increase. On peak, tariff 11 will increase by 21.4 per cent, whilst tariff 31 is set to increase by 15% and tariff 33 is set to increase by 18.9%. These figures will be confirmed once the ‘Australian Energy Regulator approves the network revenue proposal’ (Dr. Roberts, QCA). All this is due to ‘escalating network and other costs’ (QCA, Stevens, R., 22/02/13) and there are further prediction of the wholesale energy costs increasing. These increases put more pressure on Australian households financially and strengthen the case for energy efficient products that can reduce our energy consumption. The average power bill will increase by $253 a year unless homes are able to change their usage. One of the best ways to do this is through energy efficient hot water systems. The average hot water system accounts for 30% of the energy bill, so by installing a unit that can save up to 70% off your current usage, can take your overall annual power costs down by almost 20%. The constant increase in electricity is set to continue but there are solutions out there that are just hitting hurdles and struggling for recognition.


Off-peak power

De-regulated power industry

44c kwh feed in

Solar Power setup costs

Tarnished heat pump market & perceived costs

Rollback on Phase out legislation

Public awareness of products, running costs and STC’s

Owner responsibility

These hurdles need to be removed or developed, every time the government attempt to introduce a strategy or implement a plan they ignore key factors focusing only on one or two issues. All issues need to be addressed together and a full plan devised, granting energy efficient products to all households. Too many small, insignificant, quick fix schemes have been launched. The public are concerned and there are a small minority that voice their opinions on blogs and forums. There are smart comments made and these opinions need to be considered.


By Simon Baird 

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