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Select your ideal water heater

The Hydrotherm is available in two model sizes to cater for the needs of individual households. When selecting a new hot water system it is important to match your homes hot water load to an appropriate sized model. This will help you avoid over spending, as larger models cost more to purchase and install. Sizing the correct system means you only heat the water you need, which helps to reduce running costs and maximise your savings.

  • Please note that all heat pump water heaters installed in Queensland must be connected to either a Continuous (Tariff 11) or Shoulder Tariff (Tariff 33). If your current system is connected to Night Time Off Peak (Tariff 31). You will need to contact your energy provider to switch to either of the above tariffs.

    Low: Very short showers time 3-5 minutes, cold water clothes washing, no baths.
    Medium: Average shower time 5-10 minutes, warm water clothes washing, occasional baths.
    High: Long shower time 10 - 20 minutes, hot water clothes washing, frequent baths.
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