New Hydrotherm models published in version 14

The long awaited version 14 of the register has been published. The latest version includes some new tests, most noticably the cold temperature test. The changes to the register have altered the number of STC’s a unit generates as well as taking some units completely off the register. Please have a read through of the changes made to the register as well as the updated STC values and model numbers for the Hydrotherm units.

Updates and changes have been made to the solar water heaters register, with new legislation implemented and new subdivisions devised; this is a quick breakdown highlighting the key changes to the most comprehensive version published to date. The main purpose of the register is to identify units that are eligible for small-scale technology certificates (STC’s). Firstly, the register has been divided into 3 seperate categories, based on the products capacity and function, these are: 1. Solar Hot Water Systems below 700L in capacity 2. Heat Pump Water Heater below 425L in capacity 3. Commercial Solar Hot Water Heaters These categories have been created for two reasons: 1. Seperate commercial and residential units 2. Heat pumps STC allocation is classified over 5 different climate zones instead of 4 Secondly, the creation of a 5th zone for heat pumps. This 5th zone was generated to assess heat pumps performance in cold temperature climates such as Hobart and Canberra, which were used for modelling. Previously units weren’t tested to these low temperatures and they relied on the booster elements, which turned the energy efficient units into electric hot water systems. This was an issue that sighted in several reviews of the renewable energy target. Now all units must be tested under the cold temperature performance test, AS/NZS5125:2012 for the assignment of their STC value. All systems that were not resubmitted will be ineligible for STC creation from the 31st October. We have made some alterations to the Hydrotherm design to improve it performance based on the developments in the register and feedback from plumbers and customers over the past 12 months. The two main changes have been to the noise pollution and delivery loads of the dynamic. Through increasing the insulation surrounding the irflow the noise has been dramatically reduced. However the most significant development has been the lowering of the thermostat and heat exchanger. Through detecting the change in water temperature earlier the unit has increased its load capacity. These improvements to the functionality of the unit have been warmly recieved in the market. these model updates along with the republished register have created new model numbers as of 31st October 2012. Please find below the table identifying the STC value per zone and model as well as the new model numbers. ZONE 1 / ZONE 2 / ZONE 3 / ZONE 4 / ZONE 5 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FA/300(c) 22 20 26 26 14 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FA/300 (OP) 22 20 26 27 14 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FX/190L (c) 23 22 26 28 28 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FA/300 (c) 22 20 26 26 14 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FA/300 (OP) 22 20 26 27 14 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FX/190L (c) 23 22 26 28 28 In relation to the revised STC value for November: AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FX/190L (c) $625 $600 $725 $750 AQUATECH – RS – 3.6FA/300 (op) $600 $575 $725 $750 By Simon Baird

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