Real Customers, Real Performance, Real Savings

This is a snap shot of the savings a Hydrotherm Dynamic customer has made over the past 12 months.

Real Customers, Real Performance, Real Savings

Product performance is judged best by consumers that have first-hand experience of the product. Over 1500 homes in South East QLD are now showering with Hydrotherm hot water. So, it is always great when we receive feedback and stats on performance and savings from these customers.


Please see below the performance and savings Peter from Bridgeman Downs has made in his first 12 months with the Hydrotherm:

KWH used by electric HWS in comparison with KWH used by the Hydrotherm
Quarter KWH Electric KWH Hydrotherm
Winter 805 222
Spring 662 164
Summer 527 113

*Figures: Family of 4 on Tariff 33 changing from a standard 250L electric to a Hydrotherm Dynamic.

This shows the dramatic reduction in energy used by the family to heat their hot water. Taking the most recent figures from summer, Peter has saved 78.66% energy (kwh) and 75.18% ($) on running costs. The monetrary savings are slightly less due to the continued rising of electricity prices. In winter and based on the same costings for T33, Peter and his family would have saved $108.02 for one quarter, which is a saving of 72.4% on the running costs. 

When you start adding these savings up over a year and then the life time of the product, they soon add up into the thousands of $.





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