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Over 2,500 homes have installed a Hydrotherm

  • "Being a plumber I have access to every type of hot water system and the Hydrotherm is the one I chose to install in my own home because no other system came even close."
    Rob Brouwers, Master Plumber
  • "We were using 12 bottles of gas a year running our water heater and stove. Since installing the Hydrotherm four months ago, we still haven’t gone through one bottle"
    Peter, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Four
  • "Just wanted to let you know, got my first electricity bill and very happy. Last quarter our electric system used 737Kwh or $147, this quarter our Hydrotherm used 136Kwh or $26"
    Rachelle, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Five
  • “I have been monitoring our Hydrotherm over the last year and our total hot water bill for was less then $115. Very happy with how little energy it is using even in winter”
    Bill, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Four
  • "Our plumber said we should replace our broken electric hot water system with a Hydrotherm and I am glad we did. We saved $140 in just one electricity bill"
    Lucien, Hydrotherm Owner Family of Six
  • "After 20 years of installing hot water, I can honestly say the Hydrotherm is the most innovative and affordable system available. All my customers want is a Hydrotherm"
    Bob Wrench, Master Plumber
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