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Hydrotherm has one of the lowest annual running costs of any hot water systems.

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Choosing a high efficiency hot water system, such as the Hydrotherm, is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce household energy bills.

Our Running Cost Estimator allows you to accurately compare the Hydrotherm against other hot water systems based on your usage patterns and current power and gas prices.

Hydrotherm Heat Pump
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Cost Saving FAQ's

The Hydrotherm uses approximately 0.8kWh. In comparison, an electric hot water systems use approximately 3.6kWh of electricity. Both systems heat at almost the same rate. Therefore instead of being charge for 3.6kWh you will only be charged for 0.8kWh, dramatically reducing your bill and energy consumption.

A standard installation cost is described as a ‘like for like’ scenario, where the old unit can be pulled out and the new unit can be put straight into place with all the plumbing and drainage easily accessible. The installation cost of a Hydrotherm should reflect that of an electric installation and should include a full valve kit, Form 4, piping, lagging, labour and it may also include the removal of the old system. This is, however just a guide, please ensure you speak with the plumber and finalise the cost as every install differs. The typical cost for a like for like scenario is typically $500 to $1,200.

The Hydrotherm’s average savings will depend on some key factors, including your current hot water usage rate, the type of hot water system you have and what tariff that system is connect to. The Hydrotherm DYNAMIC/X8 can save between 60-80% of your hot water energy usage, which can account to hundreds of dollars a year. To find out how much you can potentially save, visit out Savings Calculator here.

Please note that the results from the Hydrotherm Online Calculator should only be used as a guide only. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the calculator, individual circumstances may affect the determined potential savings.

The energy consumption figures used for the gas and electric systems were based off industry average water heaters and do not reflect any specific model. The actual energy use may vary between different models. There are a multitude of factors that go into the calculation of hot water electricity bills which were not accounted for in this calculator. These factors include fluctuations in ambient air temperatures, location of hot water system, temperature of incoming water etc..

Electricity prices are based on the Queensland Government Firday 16 June 2017 Gazette (http://www.qca.org.au/getattachment/8fbf2fd4-aa81-4be8-a2ce-0c54534cf5bd/Gazette-notice-16-June-2017.aspx) and include GST. The energy prices used in this calculator may not reflect electricity prices available across all of Australia.

The LPG Gas and Natural Gas values were calculated from Queensland industry averages and also do not reflect prices across all of Australia. Heat pump systems should not be used on Tariff 31 (Electric Off Peak). Therefore calculating the running cost rate when comparing a Hydrotherm system versus an Electric storage system on Tariff 31, the Energy Rates for the Hydrotherm System are Tariff 33 rates.

Daily Connection Fees for Gas LPG were calculated on the industry average rate for the rental of the LPG bottle.

If you do have any feedback or questions about our calculator, please email us at info@hydrothermhotwatersystems.com.au

How a Hydrotherm heat pump works

Hydrotherm’s heat pump technology is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

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