The HydroTherm Volt heat pump has arrived in Queensland.

Latest Release: Versatile HydroTherm Rapid

The latest release in our HydroTherm product range is the versatile and compact Volt model. Whether you are a busy family of 4 or a couple relaxing in your home, the HydroTherm VOLT will meet all your hot water demands, whilst maximising your energy savings. This unique market innovator retails at just $969 after STC Credits, and is a major step forward in our Affordable Hot Water Pledge.

Never before has a high efficiency, fast recovery, combination water heater been offered, at such a economical purchase price. In a post rebate market, we believe value for money and quality are paramount and the HydroTherm Volt delivers on both. Please contact Aquatech if you have any questions regards the product range or the savings. For those wanting to see the Rapid in action click the following link.

Hydrotherm Volt Install Video

(*RRP $1995 Including GST minus $1023 for the assignment of STC’s on delivery, please contact your local plumber or Aquatech Partner for information)

By Simon Baird

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