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What Are STC Credits?

STC credits make switching to a high efficiency water heater a lot more affordable. They are sometimes confused with rebates, but are in fact a credit you receive for installing products that reduce your carbon emissions. Property owners can create STC credits by installing solar panels, solar hot water systems or heat pumps.

STC stands for Small Technology Certificate, with each certificate or STC representing one ton of carbon saved. Electricity providers must purchase and surrender a set number of STCs to the government each year, as part of their renewable energy commitments. This legislation is governed under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET)

As a registered agent, Aquatech Solar Technology is are able to purchase the STC credits that a Hydrotherm system generates directly from the owner. We do this by offering our customers a point of sale discount in exchange for assigning their STC credits to us.

The discount amount you will receive depends on the model on the postcode where the system is to be installed. This amount will be displayed during the in the online store, or you can use our STC Credit Calculator.

This discount is applied automatically through our online shop, and all paperwork handled on your behalf. All we require is that you sign and return the STC Assignment & Warranty form to us once your Hydrotherm has been installed and to provide one of the following proofs of installation:

  • Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (CoC) – Form 4 in Queensland.
  • Invoice from the Plumber.
  • Electricians Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

Once we’ve received the completed STC Assignment & Warranty form and proofs of installation, we can then create the certificates on the REC Registry. This process takes about one month. After the certificates are registered we than sell them to the liable parties.

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