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How a Hydrotherm heat pump works

Hydrotherm’s heat pump technology is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

This heating process explains how heat pumps got their name. Instead of directly heating water, heat pumps transfer or “pump” heat from one source to another. That’s why they are considerably more efficient that other hot water systems.


350% efficiency rating reduces running costs versus gas and electric water heaters.

Registered Clean Energy product with annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes.

Non-sacrificial impressed current anode provides protection in stoft and hard water conditions.

Intgergrate and maximise your solar PV with in-built timer controlled heat up cycles.

Dual heating technology with incorporated electric element to provide hot water up to 70°C.

R290 natural refrigerant with effectively zero global warming potential compared to synthetic

Lower Running Costs

Hydrotherm has one of the lowest annual running costs of any hot water systems.

Goverment rebates available nationwide

The Australian federal government as well as state, territory and even local councils have rebates available. Speak to an installer to find out more.

Comprehensive Warranties

Hydrotherm’s heat pump technology is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Large Hot Water Delivery

Hydrotherm’s storage tank and rapid heating cycle makes it suitable for the largest homes.


Storage Tank


Heat Cucle



Innovative features

Hydrotherm is Australia’s most advanced hot water system featuring programmable touch screens display, smart heating modes and a current impressed electronic anode for hassle free maintenance.


Electricity Supply 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Circuit 10 Amp/Single Phase
Refrigerant R290 (propane)
Tank Material Vitreous Enamel
System Weight 118 kg
System Dimensions 620 mm x 1800 mm
Noisy rating 43dB

Over 6000 customers have installed a Hydrotherm system

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