Frequently Asked Questions – Part 4

Answers to commonly asked questions.

Q- Hi I am looking to buy a hot water system so I did my search on available systems and I happen to come to your web as well.Since I am not the one who installing my concern only about reliability and of course service


A- No problems we have been selling our systems into the market now for over 3 years with very little issues so the systems are proving themselves to be extremely reliable. As far as servicing goes everything is done in house by our own team. We offer a 5 year all parts and labour warranty on all our systems as well as a 15 year tank warranty. Basically should anything go wrong in the first five years we will fix it free of charge.

Q- I need help with the online form as i do not need any trades just the system the form says it needs plumber trademan install details ?


A- Okay the online form can be a little confusing with the STC I can process the order over the phone 1300 769 904. Alternatively if you just want to put TBC in any of the installer fields you are not sure of on the online form (expect the email just put your own email again) the system will let you proceed to checkout. We will need to know who the installer is once the system has been fitted to complete the STC form we require this details so that we can complete the paperwork for the $999 discount we are giving you upfront.


Q- Hi Just looking at this model VOLT-SS/X6/OP and wondering if it will cut down on my power bills. My current system is about 20 years old and I’m on the off peak rate. Currently, I’m using about 405KW per quarter. 

A- Hi you should see this drop to 100Kw per quarter or less. Here is a blog on some recent client savings

Q- have a large 5 bdrm home with 2 showers, will the hydrotherm cope?
what govt incentives are there for removing our electric Hws changing to the hydrotherm what are the differences between the "volt’ and the ‘Dynamic systems??

A- The "Government incentives" are in the form of STC credits which are given to the system as they have been certified to save carbon or energy. Right now these credits are worth either $999 and $1073 depending on the model. We automatically apply these credits as an upfront discount so you only pay the lowest price shown on the online store. We then create the credits (takes about 8 weeks) and on sell them to Origin Energy and AGL who need to purchase them as part of their government compliance.The main differences between the two models is the tank size or storage capacity. With a 5 bedroom home the potential is there for 6+ people to be living in it. So I would be inclined to recommend the Dynamic model which can easily handle hot water production for 6 or more people.


By – Simon Baird


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