Frequently Asked Questions – Part 6

Answers tom commonly asked questions.

Q- The builder plumber used to install the Rheem system. Does he require any particular skill to install the Hydrotherm one? Any pre-filter require? The package has provided all the components,right?

A- No filter required, the system comes with a Pressure Temperature valve as standard the plumber will supply a tempering valve and any additional valves to install to council regulations.

Q- Warrant wise what do they have and who do I contact if needed ?

A- Should anything go wrong it is generally an electrical or refrigeration issue so we not the plumber are best able to handle these calls. If we come to site and we find it is say a valve or pipe issue then you would contact the installing plumber as per any hot water system.

Q- What wattage are the 2 units ?

A- Both systems are identical at will consume a maximum of 880Watts when running and producing around 3200-4500w of heat depending on winter or summer conditions

Q- How quickly will they reheat 

A- The recovery is similar to an electric hot water system or around 70 – 90L an hour bring the water from 15C to 55C. Typically the Volt will take 1-2 Hours in Summer to heat from cold to hot if the whole tank is empty and 2- 2.5 hours in winter. However it will kick in after about 1 showers worth of hot water so it does not wait to totally empty before reheating.

Q- How long is the warranty ? 

A- 15 Years on the stainless tank 5 years all parts expect the PTR valve which is supplied by a third party and has a two year warranty part only. Most PTR valve suppliers only give a one year warranty. 

Q- Will some need to be home for delivery?

A- No as long as there is access to drop the unit at the premises that is fine.


By – Simon Baird

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